Monday, April 26, 2010

My daughter's wish-album.-Το βιβλιο ευχων της κορης μου!

The day of the baptism of my daughter is getting really close so the finishing touches on the wish-book were made and it is ready to be filled in with lovely wishes from our guests!
It  is 20x20cm and has 12 inside pages!There is actually space in one page for wishes and hopefully I'll put some of the photos of the baptism on the patterned paper pages
 (unless they decide to write in all of them LOL).
Its theme is fairies and spring so the colours are vivid !Just the way I like them!
Have a look....

Η ημέρα της βάφτισης της κόρης μου πλησιάζει κι ετσι έτσι οι τελευταίες πινελιές στο βιβλίο ευχών έγιναν και είναι έτοιμο να γεμισεί μέ υπέροχες ευχές από τους καλεσμενους μας!
Είναι 20x20εκ και έχει 12 εσωτερικές σελίδες! Υπάρχει χωρος σε καθε σελίδα για τις ευχές και  θα βάλω μερικές από τις φωτογραφίες της βάφτισης στις σελίδες που ειναι ντυμενες με χαρτιά με γκλιτερ και σχεδια (εκτός αν αποφασίζουν να γράψουν σε όλες τις σελιδες!) 
Το θέμα είναι νεράιδες και άνοιξη έτσι τα χρώματα είναι ζωηρά!Οπως ακριβως μου αρεσουν!
Ρίξτε μια ματιά....

 Εδω μπορειτε να το δειτε ολοκληρο στο παρακατω βιντεο!
Ευχαριστω που περασατε σημερα απο το blog μου!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

This is a busy month!

I am so sorry for not being around as much as I would like lately but this is a really busy month for me!I have been making preparations for my daughter's baptism so I've been making invitations,stamping envelopes,working on a wish-book and organizing things.Here is me stamping and colouring fairies!The stamp is given to me by Nikoletta Thank you so much!!You are a sweetie!

Simultaneously I go to work and try to keep my house as tidy as I can!
Thank god my hubby is always here for me!
I am working on my spring mini album too for the Greek mini album swap but it will be delivered after the pre-arranged date!Katerina my swap partner is so understanding and I really appreciate it!
I hope you are all enjoying this weekend.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Easter chick

Time went by so fast during Easter holidays...Don't know why ,but I ended up doing so many things that kept me really busy although I thought I would have plenty of time doing nothing!!LOL
My family,my house,my friends,my creations simply filled in my days.I felt like days were running!
This is a card I made during Easter time.I loved this little chick..
And this is a birthday card for my god-daughter!She likes fairies and butterflies!So do I!!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Baby Doll !

I really like the PDSS Sketch Challenge, 

so I got inspired to create the following layout for my daughter. The colours are all from spring!My photos are not the best but I think you'll get the idea! 
She had her birthday on the 3rd of April!
Happy birthday my sweet dolly! 

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Have a Happy Easter!

I would like to give you all my best wishes for a Happy Easter!
I hope you will all have a great time with your families!

Happy Easter! Pictures, Images and Photos