Saturday, July 24, 2010

A summer mini album (tutorial) - Eνα καλοκαιρινο μινι αλμπουμ

I love summertime !
It is a great time to take fantastic photos and have fun with friends!
This is a mini for my friend Vicky to fill it in with her holiday memories from July.As she told me this will be the first mini album she will ever receive, since she hasn't participated in any mini album swaps yet.

So here is a quick tutorial on how I made this mini
First of all you cut the chipboard pieces you'll need and paint their edges

Then you choose the paper you like to use and adhere them on the chipboard.You can distress the edges according to the look you want your mini to have.
Now it's time to embelish!!

You'll end up with something like this

and now it's time to bind your mini!

I chose a binding ring for this mini.First you punch the first hole on your cover and then you mark your next punch like this on your next page(after you have aligned the pages)

After you have punched all your pages it's time to bind them with your ring.

Your mini is ready!Your memories through your photos will fill its pages           
Thanks everyone for stopping by! Have a wonderful weekend!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

"Look mommy!!!!"

I just LOVE my daughter's expression in this photo!She simply adored this cute dollie and wanted to grab her all the time!! LOL I decided to use it in this layout I made, for the competition the Memories Trend is organising this weekend .

We had to use a banner as the main embellishment of the layout so I used  these flowers and a border from Echo park collection , along with a stripe of My Little Shoebox paper  and some thickers!

Thank you so much for stopping by!Have a wonderful Sunday!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

A mini birthday wish-book for a boy - Μίνι βιβλίο ευχών για τα γενεθλια του Αντώνη!

Hello everyone!!This is what I came up with,while I was trying to make ... a card!LOL
I simply couldn't stop stamping and there it is! A mini birhday wish-book for little Antonis!
Happy birthday Antoni!We had fun in your party!

Ξεκινησα να φτιαξω μια καρτα και τελικα κατεληξα να φτιαξω ενα μινι βιβλιο ευχων για τα γενεθλια του μικρου Αντωνη!Mε επιασε απλως μια ακατανικητη επιθυμια να σφραγιζω!χα χα!
Χαρουμενα γενεθλια Αντωνη!Περασαμε υπεροχα στο παρτυ σου!

Thank you for stopping by my blog today!

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A small card for a little miracle!

Oh my!July is here!!My vacations have started two days ago!!
I am so excited!
I will finally have enough time to do a lot of things in my house and hopefully relax too!
I have been trying to transform a small kitchen in the back of the house into a wardrobe. I suddenly found myself having so many clothes for my kids!Has this ever happened to any of you? Our relatives and friends had given us some,our grannies bought us lots ..... so they have piled up! I'll just donate the ones that don't fit them and make some more room to organise all our clothes better. I just hate ironing -it's getting really hot lately- and putting away clothes all the time!

We will be off to the beach in a while for a swim ,
 so today I would like to share a card I made yesterday for a little boy

It is so simple to make and I really loved the result! Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely Sunday!

By the way ,today is the last day to subscribe for the Greek mini album swap!You'll have until the 23rd of August to post your mini album to your partner, so that we can all enjoy our holidays and create with no stress.Just post a comment in this topic I can't wait to get started!!