Monday, June 28, 2010

Layouts for the Greek cyber crop

This was a fast weekend , the days just flew away....
but we had the first Greek cyber crop so I found the chance to scrap a bit more!
The first challenge was from Melenia.We had to follow a sketch.I knew exactly what I would make!
Have you ever been to Samos island? Well I have to tell you it's one of the best Greek islands! It combines blue seas and green mountains! I definately recommend it if you don't have it already in your list!
My first layout was all about it!!

The second challenge was from Irini and my inspiration were my children!Blue and pink rule!!LOL

There will be some more challenges on soon, after the crop of course! Family comes always first!!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Βιβλιο Ευχων - Φωτογραφιων . A wish book with space for photos.

Το βιβλιο ευχων που θα δειτε μου ζητηθηκε για την βαφτιση ενος γλυκου αγοριου, που θα γινει την αλλη εβδομαδα!
Το κυριαρχο θεμα ηταν η αγαπη για τα αλογα. Συνδιασα οπως και στο βιβλιο ευχων της κορης μου, χωρο για ευχες αλλα και για φωτογραφιες! Στην τελευταια σελιδα συμπεριελαβα μια τσεπη για τις καρτες της βαφτισης .

Πιστευω οτι τα βιβλια ευχων ειναι ενα καταπληκτικο ενθυμιο για εμας αλλα πανω απο ολα και για τα παιδια μας. Κατι που μενει και κατι που ειναι μοναδικο μιας και ειναι χειροποιητο εξολοκληρου!
Το συγκεκριμενο φτιαχτηκε με πολυ αγαπη!Ελπιζω να φαινεται!

I was asked to make this wish book for the christening of a sweet little boy!
The main topic was the love for the horses. I combined, just like I did in my daughter's wish book, both space for wishes and for photographs! In the last page I included a pocket for the cards they will receive from their guests.
I believe that each wish book is an amazing way to keep memories not only for us but mainly for our children. It is something that will last through the years, something that is unique and handmade with love...

Friday, June 25, 2010

Awards and cyber crop updates!

I was really surprised and happy to receive 2 awards for my blog from Maria Z which are really appreciated!Thank you so much Maria for both of them!

Now about the cyber crop updates...
There were some pre-challenges , just to warm us up a bit before the crop and I submitted this tag for the first pre-challenge. I have glimmer misted both the tag and the flower and embossed the stamped image with black embossing powder, then I put some distressing ink on it , a tiny bead as the flower centre and there we go!

Thanks for stopping by! Have a lovely day!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The first Cyber Crop in Greece is organised by Crafty Croppers!

I am so excited to let you know that the first Cyber Crop in Greece is organised by Crafty Croppers!
The date? June 26th!
woohoo!!Thank you Irini for organising it!
Let's get scrapping!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I've been busy ...(again lol)

Hi everyone!It has been a while but it seems whenever I decide that
relaxation is on the way, more work piles up!lol

Last night was a family movie night and we watched all together "Bolt" by Disney!I highly recommend  this movie! We really had fun watching it and we all loved this song!

I have managed to scrap though and experiment on new techniques just like this one:
drawing with this aqua-flo brush this fantastic horse from whiff of joy

or like making flowers from fabric like this one,

the best scrapping part of the week was when I received a packet from my friend Vicky ,who send a ton of goodies for my nameday!!Yay!!Thank you sweetheart!I really appreciate it that you thought of me and took the time to send this fantastic gift !You can watch more here!