Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birthdays,cupcakes and snapshots

Good morning everyone,

It seems like yesterday but time goes by really fast!
My kids were born just a week apart (plus some years lol),
so we celebrate their birthdays together in a big party! 
Last Sunday it was my son's birthday and today it's my daughter's! 

I just sit there and look at them playing, giggling and smiling.... It's the ultimate happiness!!

So we had a party, and lots of balloons, candies, cupcakes, presents and a wishbook from mommy of course!
Here are some photos of the wish-book and the party!

Have a lovely Sunday!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

I have been ....

Hi everyone!!!Finally a new post on my sweet (and a bit neglected) blog....!
I have been really busy the last few months,getting accustomed to new needs and to a new way of life!

Enjoy Scrapping is officially part of my every day life!! It is like a newborn baby in our family and I simply adore it!
I am so happy when my decisions and hard work are rewarded!
I would like to thank each and everyone of you for your support and positive energy!!! It means so much!!

I have been down with the flu.... the whole family actually...Our nights are short with our kids wandering around, coughing and having temperature...

Remember the mini I had started? Well yesterday morning my inspiration and I finally met again and I took advantage of it!LOL
I started it again from scratch and ...
This is the mini album I came up with  and it took me about 24 hours!I used the Green at Heart kit plus the Fabric Delight - Vert Leaf  and some embellishments from the Die cuts paper cuts

Finally I want you to know that I have been trying to keep up with your blog posts,
I am so sorry that  I can't leave you all a comment for your beautiful creations.... 
I have been looking at them though and I am really happy to see you are inspired and creative!!

I hope your Sunday is warm and sunny just like ours!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Have a happy and prosperous New year!

2011 has come so here are my wishes for you:

When you're lonely, I wish you Love! When you're down, I wish you Joy! When you're troubled, I wish you Peace! When things seem empty, I wish you Hope!
Have a Happy and Prosperous New Year! 

I have been trying to finish a mini album with my family's photos but my free time is sooo limited!Hopefully before the end of this month I will have finished it!
For the time being we are simply enjoy taking photos for the mini LOL

Thanks for stopping by!