Sunday, November 1, 2009

Have a nice month!Pocket cards on the way.

November is already here!
The weather is getting worse and winter is on our doorstep.We stayed at home today and enjoyed some family time.We really had fun and played with our children.Precious moments!
I have also experimented again and I love the result!
Have a nice month and enjoy!


  1. wow!Miλάμε για πολλές τσέπες! όποιος είναι ο παραλήπτης δεν θα χορταίνει να διαβάζει ευχές και να θαυμάζει! great job Lena!

  2. Wow!!! εσύ παιδί μου δεν παίζεσαι!!! έχουμε να φτιάξουμε πολλές κάρτες...άντε...πότε θα βρεθούμε να παίξουμε??

  3. Lena - I just love this card - I would love to scraplift - could you do a "how to" tutorial - all the work I do is scraplifted & I would love to be able to add cards like this to my work
    TTFN - LL & P,

  4. omg!! lena!! that is more than a card!! its like a super mini mini album! sooo cute!!! you are the best!!! mateo will love it!!!

  5. τυχερος ο mateo! πολυ ομορφη κσρτα, οντως ειναι σαν μικρο αλμπουμακι!!


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