Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My warmest wishes for a Happy New Year!

Time goes by so fast,especially when it's holidays!!The new year's Eve is almost here so I'd like to send to all of you, my warmest wishes for you and your families!May 2010 be a year full of health,happiness, good energy and may all scrapbookers find awesome bargains for their supplies!!!
I was quite busy shopping my gifts,the last couple of days.
Now that everything is almost ready for new years Eve I feel more relaxed and I really enjoyed the beautiful day today with my family outdoors! When I got home there was a pleasant surprise for me!!Claudia's mini album is here!!Here is a small video of me opening my box!
Thank you so much Claudia! In fact I could hardly breathe!!

 The mail was quite big todaymore holiday cards and a gift I won from Wild West Scrap Divas

 who by the way have an amazing giveaway and they'll draw a winner once they reach 100 subscribers!Kim and Dawn are so wonderful ladies and scrapbooking is something that connected them into a great friendship and partnership in making the

 Wild West Scrap Divas!!


  1. Ooo, lovely stuff Lena! Happy scrapping!

  2. oh Lena you are such a lucky lady!!! Claudia was exremly generous and you sounded oh so excited!
    will call you tomorrw..

  3. OMG Lena(lol I sound like you now ;)).That is probably the best thing you can get in your mailbox right before new year's eve!!How generous of Claudia and so nice for you!!!I'm really happy you got all this stuff,I'm sure you're gonna put it in good use!!!Enjoy it!!

    Have a great New Year's Even and an even better new year!!

    P.S. You didn't sound silly in the vid,you sounded excited and blown away...exactly as you should ;)

  4. wow!! lucky you!!! that was santa coming just for you!! great stuff and very generous of Claudia!! oh my god was the least you could say!!!


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