Sunday, December 12, 2010

Some catching up ....

It has been a while since my last post but trust me it has been a busy month!

My kids enjoy all my limited free time but I love being close to them!!
So here are some of the things we did together!

My son  and his classmates visited a factory that produces olive oil in our area and
they had a great time there!
Here is the "train" they make each time they wanted to move around.

He learned many things there and he even got a present : an olive oil soap!!That made his day even better!

The other day my son had his nameday and we decided to offer some candy to his classmates!My daughter was 'helping' us any way she could!LOL She was so excited

We made a complete mess of course and our kitchen was covered with tiny little paper scraps but that's all about scrapping! Here is the result :

Christmas are almost here,and winter finally decided to come!
So I am sending you lots of warm wishes for the rest of the weekend!
Take care and Enjoy Scrapping!!


  1. Βλεπω οτι περασατε πολυ ομορφα!Χαιρομαι!:)Και τα κερασματα υπεροχα!Και του χρονου!

  2. Treasure each moment .....they grow up so fast!!!

  3. Super o βοηθός! :) Πανέμορφα τα σακουλάκια με τα γλυκά!!

  4. Όμορφες εμπειρίες για το μικρό!!!
    Υπέροχα αυτά που φτιάξατε παρεούλα!!!!

  5. υπέροχα τα μικρά σου!
    καλά τα δωράκια για τους συμμαθητές είναι τέλεια!!!!

  6. υπέροχες εμπειρίες!!! μπράβο στα παιδιά!!!
    πολύ όμορφα τα δωράκια για τα παιδάκια!!! φοβερές οισφραγιδούλες!!!!

  7. Να το χαίρεσαι το παληκαρι σου και να σου ζήσουν τα παιδάκια σου!!! Πολύ όμορφες στιγμές

  8. Αχ...δεν είναι κούκλος ο γαμπρούλης μου??? Και η γλυκειά μου η "Κωντίνα" όσο πάει και ομορφαίνει! Φτου σας μη σας ματιάσω!! λολ...Φιλάκιααααα!!!


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