Thursday, August 12, 2010

A messy floor!

Hi everyone!
I can't believe how fast this summer is passing by! I feel we are living our lives in fast forward!
So much to do and so little time!!

Do you love a messy floor?This is what we did to ours!Guess who did the cleaning LOL

well we managed to clean everything and paint the wall!The wardrobe is almost in its place
(you can see part of it in the second photo)
 and our clothes are waiting patiently on my sofa to be put in!

I still have 10 more days until I go back to work so time is precious!!
We are getting ready for the beach today!!We managed to go swimming yesterday too!The sea is simply awesome in the morning! I hope you are enjoying the summer sea and sun!
Don't forget the sunscreen! ;)


  1. Oh my God... the summer is already gone!!! and we still haven't got together!!!!!

  2. Υπομονή Λενάκι!!! Κι ελπίζω να τα προλάβεις όλα έγκαιρα!!!


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